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“Alex has been a great help to us. She has worked with us to make sense of our corporate space and she has provided some great art and decorating advice for the home. In addition to having a great knowledge and experience, Alex brings a rare combination of judgement, an ability with people, and a propensity to get things done. She has been accommodating, patient, reliable - and highly effective.”
Craig Donaldson, HgCapital

“Alex is highly knowledgeable and made some excellent recommendations of artists both established and relatively unknown, enabling us to select artwork that was sympathetic to the Lutyens designed building, and also that was interesting and varied. She Is also a good listener and was sensitive to our needs, tastes and the image we wanted to project rather than imposing ideas upon us. As a result it was a pleasurable and collaborative experience throughout.”
Tim Powell, Powell Gilbert, Fleet Street

“Alex was our right hand during the whole process of scouting out and identifying all the pieces from Basel to Rome to Miami via Geneva and London. Her experience and great sense of space were invaluable.”
Ian Lundin, writing about the JIVA Hotel collection, France

Katy Kirbach